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Design Your Frame

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New - Pressed petals LARGE 


Frame Dimensions: H 72cm x L 52cm x W4.5cm

Colour: White,  

Material:  Light weight – Glass sheeting, MDF Material Suitable

Flowers Suitable: Natives & imported flowers or dantiy Wimsical flowers, cottage flowers


Cleaning Care: To clean your frame, wipe with water or glass cleaner using a clean cloth or paper towel ** DO NOT Spray direct on the frame.


Can be hung on the wall or self standing frame,


50x70 Pressed Petals Frame

Frame Colour: White
Background Colour : White
  • We recommend ordering approximately 3-4 months before your wedding so you don't miss out! *To be sure optimum quality pressed flowers, we do not accept orders post 5 days after the wedding*.

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