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My name is Lia, I've been a florist for over 14 years & still occasional do weddings & work in a florist.

In my years of floristry, I have found a love for preserving flowers & making preserved floral frames / Art, with dehydrated flowers.

The Vintage Flower Box is our name & says it all, whether it's a wedding bouquet, a special occasion, memorial flowers, or anything floral related you can think of, I will preserve it!

My years of experience, trial & error, & also my knowledge of the florist industry helps me create something truly beautiful!!


We also do custom framings within our walls and if requested there is endless choices in frames & colours!


Preserving your flowers is more than just flowers, it is preserving a memory!! This is a piece of art that will be kept in your family for a long time to come.

​​ we look forward to hearing from you!

Lia, Madison & team

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