How long will my flowers Last ?

Like any natural product, care is needed to ensure the durability of the flowers. Many factors will play a major role in how long your flowers will last such as the amount of sunlight, humidity, and heat that the frame is exposed to. These factors will determine its lifespan. 

Do the flowers change in colour ?

Yes. All flowers that are preserved will change in colour, white flowers will become creamy and some colours, especially red flowers, will become a little darker. Over time some flowers may become more antique in appearance, especially pink, peach, white and yellow flowers. We can not guarantee that your flowers will maintain their original colour or dyed flowers such as orchids as all flowers will fade in the dehydration process. Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include succulents, chrysanthemums, asparagus fern and Anthurium. Most other traditional wedding flowers preserve well. 

How should I care for my flowers before I hand them off to you?

Bouquets are generally out of water for a full day, so whenever you can remember to drop it in water, do! At the end of the night remember to place the flowers back in water & store somewhere cool.  Be sure to grab a centrepiece too as those flowers are in water all day and hold up better!

I'm attending a wedding and I'd like to give the couple a custom frame for their special day. How should I go about this?

Our couples are always so appreciative to be gifted their preserved sentimental flowers after their wedding! If you'd like to gift the couple a gift card or custom piece featuring the flowers from their wedding, arrangements need to be made prior to the event, ensuring flowers are to be mailed asap after the wedding. Reaching out to us here before the event is best, we would be more than happy to walk you through the process!

How soon do you need my flowers & Postage  ?

The sooner we receive your flowers the better result you will have once it is preserved. If you cannot drop them to petrie QLD, we can pick up flowers for a small fee.

Alternatively, you can arrange to express post your flowers to me through Australia Post.

sending flowers -

Package tight where there is not a lot of room for the flowers to move around but also the flowers are free from being pushed up against anything. You can easily ship your flowers, we will provide address on where you can send your flowers once you have secured your spot with us.

Here are a few items you will need for packing: Medium size box,​Paper Towels, Newspaper, Packing Tape, Flowers