How long will my flowers Last ?

Like any natural product, care is needed to ensure the durability of the flowers. Many factors will play a major role in how long your flowers will last such as the amount of sunlight, humidity, and heat that the frame is exposed to. These factors will determine its lifespan. 

Do the flowers change in colour ?

Yes. All flowers that are preserved will change in colour, white flowers will become creamy and some colours, especially red flowers, will become a little darker. Over time some flowers may become more antique in appearance, especially pink, peach, white and yellow flowers. We can not guarantee that your flowers will maintain their original colour or dyed flowers such as orchids as all flowers will fade in the dehydration process. Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include succulents, chrysanthemums, asparagus fern and Anthurium. Most other traditional wedding flowers preserve well. 

How soon do you need my flowers ?

The sooner we receive your flowers the better result you will have once it is preserved. If you cannot drop them to petrie QLD, we can pick up flowers for a small fee.

Alternatively, you can arrange to express post your flowers to me through Australia Post.