Sizing & Colours

Thin Frame

Thin large Shadow Box 50x50 cm
Exclusive for Large & 3D Bouquets *white only

Thick Frame

Thick large Shadow Box 60x60 cm 
Exclusive for Large and 3D Bouquets, 
Black or White 

Custom Frame

Thick Xlarge Shadow Box

50x70 cm
Exclusive for Large Natives & Flowers

Black or White 

Framed Flowers 

For best results, keep your frame away from direct sunlight. Please note that naturally all frames will be subject to fading and colour changes over time and this varies from flower to flower. I choose to not dye my flowers and prefer the flowers in their natural, preserved form and I hope you do too!

To clean your frame, you can use water or glass cleaner with a cloth, rag or paper towels. I prefer to use warm water with a drop of

white vinegar and rub clean with newspaper.