TERMS & CONDITIONS - Payment in full is required before drop off - Non-refundable if you simply change your mind on collection date -

CANCELLATION - Non-refundable 20% (once booked) - 60 days out from Booking date - 80% Refund - 30-59 days out from Booking date – 50% Refund > - 29 days out from Booking date 20% refund – (These Conditions are due to pre ordering your frame months in advance and lost orders )

POSTPONED - We are more than happy to change your date as many times within the year, if its passed a 2 year mark, you will incur a 20% deposit fee again. 

POSTAGE TO US : If your out side of Brisbane, not in the pick up & drop off zone, We recommend using Australia Post guaranteed next day delivery. We have found this to be a very reliable and cost effective option costing approximately $55.00 – $100.00.

POSTAGE COST TO YOU: Postage is always at customers cost, we used a company that’s insures door-to-door delivery, documentation and warranty cover, timely tracking and notifications. *price also differs with size of frame!

QLD – $130-$180 NSW - $162 -$200 VIC - $180 -$290+ ATC- $155 -$220 + SA - $180-$300 WA -$300 + TAZ - $250 +


DISCLAIMER - Your framed flowers are prone to environmental conditions in which it is placed. We do what we can to ensure your framed flowers will last as long as possible but just like fabrics and furnishings, your flowers will gradually fade over time. Whilst this frame is hung you may find that some debris may fall on the bottom of the frame, this is a natural occurrence that will happen over time.  To do your part, avoid excessive U.V light and humid/damp areas when considering a place to hang your framed flowers.

Your flowers or bouquet are not treated and protected against damage caused by but not limited to: Natural deterioration, artificial deterioration, storage deterioration and negligence deterioration. Therefore, we cannot accept, any direct or indirect liability for such damage to the flowers caused by the terms outlined in this agreement.  For the sake of clarity, we exclude any direct or indirect damage to the flowers caused by any person, event or thing;

  • “Natural deterioration” includes damage by atmospheric condition or disease or contaminant or fungi or any other cause.

  • “Artificial deterioration” includes damage by heating or cooling systems, damp or humid conditions, human handling, animals & insects, accidental or deliberate damage.”

  • “Storage deterioration” includes damage by damp or humid conditions.

  • “Negligence deterioration” includes the customer not following the care instructions provided on the back of the completed frame & as a result the flowers have deteriorated.

  • “Damage” includes loss of flower due to fire, storm; loss of electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any circumstances beyond our control.

It is both our commitment & responsibility to ensure you receive a high quality product. You must appreciate that we work with natural products (flowers, wooden frames) and that some slight imperfections may be present e.g. colour variation, shrinkage of flowers, recreation of flower arrangement, & with frames some graining, bowing, nicks or spots may be present.


Once the moisture has been withdrawn from the flowers, some colours may change during the drying process. For example, some whites will antique to ivory, hot pinks can turn dark purple, red can turn burgundy & pinks will darken or can even turn lavender.  We cannot guarantee that your flowers will maintain their original colour.

  • If the flowers are damaged or cannot be preserved, a replacement fee will be charged for the flowers. This will be advised to you if required.

  • Not all flowers can be preserved due to its nature. Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include chrysanthemums, asparagus fern and succulents.

I accept that TheVintageFlowerBox will recommend a size & frame based on the flowers they receive & that if my instructions to preserve or frame my flowers varies from their recommendation in any way, I accept that the optimal usage of all of my flowers will not be reached. I accept that the price for the job will vary depending on my chosen frame size. We select the best flowers after the flowers have been preserved to use in your designs. Flowers not used in the design/recreation of your arrangement become property of TheVintageFlowerBox.


Our wedding bouquet preservation involves many intricate steps & requires the eye of our professional floral designer. Because each wedding bouquet is an individual artwork in itself, there is no way to guarantee that the appearance of your final framed floral art piece will perfectly match your wedding bouquet as it did on the event or how you may envision it will look like.  Our floral designer will ensure to closely match the dried flowers with the original bouquet, however we are working with different mediums and angle views and some variations may be present.